Kids Classes (7-15 years old)

Warm-up – In order to prevent injury, warm-up is achieved by calisthenics and different drills that will also assist in improving the person’s jiu-jitsu, cardio, and endurance.

Instruction – the coach will demonstrate a move and will break it down, step-by-step for the students.   The coach will continue to demonstrate different variations of that move and will proceed depending on the skill level of the class. It is very important for students to pay close attention during this time to get the most out of the technique. If a student has problems grasping the techniques, our coaches will be quick to assist.

Drills—the students will pair up and drill each move between 4-6 minutes until the student feels comfortable. Drilling is an imperative part of our program in order for the student to become accustomed to the different positions and movements of jiu-jitsu.

Rolling/grappling—after the instruction and drills, the student will apply the techniques that they have learned during a rolling/grappling session with each other. Safety is our priority, so mouth guards and cups are highly encouraged.

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