Your First Time at Red River Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (RRBJJ)? This is what you should know…

Trying something new can be very intimidating and maybe a little scary. I’d like to put you at ease and assure you that this is a family oriented environment and very friendly. Jiu-jitsu is a gentle sport that was created for the smaller, weaker opponent. So, no, you will not get beat-up in our gym, no, you will not get punched in the face and no, you will not get kicked. Jiu-jitsu teaches a person to grapple using their own weight and technique to submit an opponent. I guarantee that you will be so hooked with RR BJJ that you will be upset at yourself for not coming in earlier. The benefits of Jiu-jitsu are endless. People join for many reasons, some want to lose weight, others want to learn self-defense, others want to one day fight in MMA. Whatever your reason is, you will have a lot of fun!

Now, first give us a call at (940)257-1302 to set up a date and time, OR simply fill out the contact form at the top of this page.
So for your first time at Red River BJJ, here are some things you should and shouldn’t bring to class.

What should I bring?

  1. Yourself at least 10 minutes early.
  2. Bring an ID if you’re an adult or your parent with an ID if you’re a minor.
    a.  If you are a minor (17 yrs or less) bring your parent, they have to sign a waiver for you.
  3. Comfortable clothing that you can move in
    a.  Preferred: T-shirt, sweats, board shorts, biker shorts, spatz etc.
    b.  Ladies, in BJJ there’s a lot of movement which can make our clothing move in odd ways, so wear biker shorts under your shorts and sport bra under your shirts to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Yoga pants work well also.
  4. Water/water bottle
    a. It’s important to stay hydrated. If you don’t like water fountain water, bring your own.
  5. No shoes on the mat, so bring flip flops or shoes that are easy to take off and put back on.
    a. We literally roll on the mats, so if you get off the mats and go to the restroom, we expect you to wear shoes so you won’t bring the funk onto the mats.
  6. Hair ties
    a. If you have long hair, it gets annoying to fight with your or your partner’s hair during practice, tie it up.

What should I keep at home?

  1. No jewelry to include piercings of any sort.
    a. Torn earlobes are not fun, and cleaning up blood isn’t either. Better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Tank tops on no-gi days
    a. Please be cognizant of others. Sweaty armpits are nasty, keep them covered please.
  3. And the most important thing: Your Ego
    a. At one point or another we all get tapped by a smaller and what we thought as a weaker opponent. Don’t underestimate the power of Red River BJJ, and don’t take it personal. You will be there one day remembering your first day. Always stay humble.

See you soon!